Google Trusted Verifier – WellStrategic can verify your Google profile on site!

Having trouble verifying your Google listing? We can fix it for you on the spot!

Google trusted verifier

WellStrategic has recently become one of only a handful of businesses in Australia to be authorized as a “Google Trusted Verifier” by Google.

So if you’ve one of those businesses that just can’t seem to get your Google My Business profile verified…we can help!

How does it work? Well…thats our little secret, however what we can tell you is that you will have to have your profile all ready to claim against your preferred Gmail email address. We will need you meet with you onsite to verify your business and in just a few minutes all your problems will be solved!

So if you or someone you know is having trouble getting their listing verified reach out to us now.

Call Craig on 0434 116 429

Call Craig today on 0434 116 429

Trusted Verifier

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