• Perth Airport’s Google Virtual Tour!

Perth Airport – Get ready for a Virtual Takeoff!

Perth’s T1 and T2 Terminals now are viewable as a Google Virtual Tour!

Get ready for takeoff as we’ve just launched Perth’ s T1 International Airport as a Google Virtual Tour! Click here to go for a spin on Google: https://goo.gl/jpT6UH or take the tour below!

This Premium Google Virtual Tour was shot in RAW footage and consists of over 280 panoramas for T1 and T2 Terminals. The initial files from the shoot weighed in at a hefty 84000mb!  We take great care with our post production for our corporate clients to ensure that only the highest quality virtual tours are published in Google.  Naturally these tours can be shot in jpeg format and pushed into the Google system to stitch and blend, however the final product can sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

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