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Real Estate Virtual Tours Perth


If you are looking for the best Real Estate Virtual Tours Perth, then you have come to the right place! WellStrategic specialises in high quality, affordable Virtual Tours.

Why use WellStrategic?

  • We only use the highest quality gear!

    DSLR cameras and expensive fisheye lenses all the way for your clients guaranteed total satisfaction.

  • We photograph in RAW format

    No low res jpegs from us and we hypergrade our imagery in post production.

  • We guarantee you and your client will LOVE our product

    or your money back!

  • We offer you more than just a virtual tour

    …we also have a few secrets up our sleeves that we can’t let our competitors know about.

Why don’t you guys use Matterport?

  1. Matterport’s can’t handle bright light like full light coming in a window….our cameras can.
  2. You can’t do any post production with Matterport’s imagery, you are stuck with what it gives you.
  3. Matterport owners are forced to only host the tours with Matterport HQ, they cant do anything else with the imagery.

Matterport Virtual Tour
Richo Theta S

What about instamatic 360 Cameras?

OK…we LOVE these little 360 cameras and we own a few, they are great for social media and having fun…but…

  1. The inages are too low res to get a fantastic picture.
  2. They don’t handle the HDR side of things very well.
  3. Anyone who tells you that they are a “Pro” and turns up to the job with one of these simply isn’t.

  • 72 Hours

    From photoshoot to delivery

  • Budget | Medium | Luxury

    Packages availible to fit your needs

  • Facebook Ready 360 Imagery

    Thats right, the panoramas work on Facebook

  • Display In Your Website

    All Virtual Tours can be displayed in your website

  • Do I need VR Goggles?

    No, you can visit the virtual tour on any screen

  • Do I Need An App?

    No, you dont need an app to view any tours

  • How Do I Pay?

    We use Stripe for payments, its very easy to pay with your creditcard

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